BRHHM on Hard Work"Honestly, I pick the hardest worker over the most talented 10 times out of 10. 
                                         Talent can be developed. Hard work = success!"

In every gym, on every court, in every city, there is an unbelievable shooter.  There is an unstoppable ball handler representing every corner of the world that the sport of basketball is in play.  When you think about the factor that actually separates good from great,
there is only 1 attribute that stands out, HARD WORK!
I have never seen a hard working ball player that I did not walk away from thinking, "THAT is a player I want!"
BRHHM Sports Best Advice:  Find someone that is just as serious as yourself about making it pro & push each other to work harder than anyone else with the same goals and dreams. If you do not have a person, that's even better...Coach BRHHM played against 3 ghosts throughout his teenage years, and they knew his every move, until he was quick enough to get past them, defend against them, and score on them with ease (true story).