BRHHM philosophy on passing:  "The pass is absolutely the most beautiful and exciting play in basketball!"

                As basketball grows into a more explosive sport, more emphasis is placed on scoring and the big finish than anything else on the offensive end.  History teaches us that passing was the original true nature of the game.  Today, could you picture an ESPN Top 10 plays of all passes?  In the early years, more time was spent on making beautiful & accurate passes than anything else. When the basketball goal took to form, players had to literally rethink the game to institute the scoring aspect. 

                    Fast forward to today & we see plenty of 1 on 1 basketball plays/players, 1 pass 1 shot and done possessions, and selfish nature players on offense, with coaches struggling to improve ball movement.  Where it was a norm to be a "passer" now coaches see the passing guard or passing big as a delicacy in our game. Good vs Great will always revert back to who passes the ball better, simply because basketball is a team sport.  Tightening up passing increases wins!