Below is the BRHHM Sports Calendar Projection, prospective tournament dates, currently planned events, & Coach BRHHM's scheduled sports appearances.  There are additional projects not listed for contractual & promotional reasons.  If your Organization or event wants to be added to our journey, contact us.  If BRHHM Squads are available, we are THERE! 


Uptown Showdown

23 March Greensboro, NC

Bond Hoopfest

6 April Winston-Salem, NC

Insider Exposure Apache

19-21 April Knoxville, TN

Spectrum Star City Challenge

27 April Roanoke, VA

Bond Tourney of Champions

11 May Winston-Salem, NC

*Additional tournaments will be at the discretion of the program & applied at no fee to our players.

Insider Exposure Beast of the East

17-19 May Greensboro, NC

NTBA Nationals 2024

27-30 June Myrtle Beach, SC

Phenom Hoops Live

12-14 July Raleigh, NC

VA Commonwealth Games

19-22 July Lynchburg, VA

Big Shots Finale Live 

26-29 July Charlotte, NC

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Coach BRHHM to Your Team Practice

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