Below is the BRHHM Sports Calendar Projection, prospective tournament dates, currently planned events, & Coach BRHHM's scheduled sports appearances.  There are additional projects not listed for contractual & promotional reasons.  If your Organization or event wants to be added to our journey, contact us.  If BRHHM Squads are available, we are THERE! 


BRHHMGirls High School 2021 TOURNAMENTS


CSE: March Mayhem 27-28 Mar

Countryside Sportsplex Roanoke, VA


BOND: Hoops Fest 17 Apr

Gateway Sports Academy Winston-Salem, NC 


Insider Exposure: Apache Memorial (Live) 23-25 Apr

Charlotte, NC


BOND: Tournament of Champions 8-9 May

 Winston-Salem, NC


 Insider Exposure: Beast of the East (Live) 14-16 May

Greensboro, NC 


Insider Exposure: Memorial Day Classic 28-31 May

Charlotte, NC 


Spectrum Sports: Hardwood Classic  19-20 Jun

Spectrum Sports Academy Roanoke, VA



TFN: Nike Run for the Roses (Live) 5-8 Jul

Kentucky Exposition Center Louisville, KY


Insider Exposure: War Games North East (Live) 20-22 Jul

Philadelphia, PA 


Subway: VA Commonwealth Games 23-25 Jul

Liberty University Lynchburg, VA



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*Additional tournaments will be at the discretion of the program.

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