Ball Handling 

BRHHM on "Handles"The handle is the treasure that everyone covets but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to attain.  Superior ball handling is instant flash.  What people do not understand is, it's not drills that increase your handle.  Drills may help, but supreme ball handling is about unlocking & developing an element in your brain that we all may or may not possess.  Can you believe in yourself to have this element and work so hard at unlocking it in your brain that you become a true ball-handler?  The interesting thing is, everyone who actually CAN believe in themselves to work hard for it achieves it, 100% of the time.  I know people that can do ANY dribble drill you teach AND WITH 2 BALLS, then step in a game looking just as average as anyone else with their handle.  A great coach teaches players how to unlock their mind, more-so than how to run back & forth through cones for hours.  A great ball handler doesn't know a bad time to grab a ball & work on unlocking their mind.  Drills help condition you, determination and dedication helps complete you!

Simple Ball Handling Drills That Work

Simple Core Moves For Your Handle

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